Beautiful and energizing soundtrack designed to facilitate your breathwork practice

featuring breath guidance and encouraging spoken affirmations in Phil's soothing voice

18 (includes $3 shipping)


breathe 2

Engaging backdrop for your breathwork practice 

featuring Phil's mesmerizing music and breath sounds to guide your journey.

18 (includes $3 shipping)

bhakta CD

 Unique 70 minute devotional immersion into the ancient Gayatri mantra.  Shamanic compelling journey designed as a soundtrack for your practice...for your life. 

18 (includes $3 shipping)

Click below to receive your own copy of  bhakta and experience this unique bhakti journey


bhakta.instrumental - instrumental version of bhakta without spoken mantras

Mesmerizing musical journey designed to accompany your practice. 

Perfect background for your meditation, yoga, breathwork, reiki, exercise and relaxation sessions.  

18 (includes $3 postage)  


bhakta and bhakta instrumental - 2 CD set


Phil's deeply devotional interpretation of the ancient Gayatri manta


together with an instrumental version featuring quieter vocals - the perfect background for your practice 

27 (includes $3 postage)  

Signs of Peace


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Seeds of Peace - The Companion CD to "Signs of Peace"

Sorry all sold out!


Bhakti Messenger- Universal Prayer


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2013 Bhakti Messenger CD - "Universal Prayer"

On Sale at CD Baby or via PayPal



Now CD


2010 Bhakti Messenger CD "Now"

On Sale via PayPal



Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa


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